Impaled (Full Movie)

“Larry Clark’s documentary about porn is by far the best film is the collected works of Destricted. It shows the casting session for a porn where Clark himself interviews the males for the part. After selecting one of the men to be in the film he lets them interview which woman he wants to have sex with. Then in the end they have sex. It is pretty nonchalant and matter of fact as it plays out, talking about and showing anal sex and blow-jobs and breasts and balls and everything else that comes with porn. It does however introduce a human element into the mix so it doesn’t come across as just straight porn. Oddly enough you actually feel connections with the cast which makes it a great film and not just straight forward sleaze. It is also hilarious, be it intentional or unintentional, specifically the scene where the star pulls out of his mate’s ass and gets poop on him, then explains how he thought that was gross and how he didn’t think ahead too much.”

Impaled (Full Movie)